Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Literacy

This is my literacy blog post I am blogging this because it was fun and it was a hard same time and it was fun because it is about beach.We got to work in groups of two. That is nice because I like going in groups.
So in the activity  you have to look at the story then put the words in the right place and this is it.

PE blog post

This is my P.E blog post.
We did running,jumping and throwing and I had heaps of fun. When I did the running it was my favorite because it is fun when I did I feel good.

PE/Athletics reflection

Choose 5 questions to answer with ADDED DETAIL and GOOD THINKING. Delete the questions you have not answered.

  1. What was your favorite athletics to practice? Hurdles because that is the event I did worse at it.
  2. What was your favorite event at athletics day? 100 metre because I love running and it’s really fun.
  3. Who is an athletics role model for you? Usain Bolt because he inspires me to run
  4. What would you have liked to have spent more time practicing? Long jump because I came 3rd and I would like to improve it.
  5. What was your best performance at Athletics day? High jump because I jumped 1.20m and that is high.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My art

This my art and  I am blogging this because I am proud of it. It is better than all of my older art. The hard things were the spots and getting it painted  nicely and carefully. And it was fun panting it. That is my art.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Maths blog post

This is my maths and this is my work that I did on 5x.
We are learning 5x and trying to get really fast. I am having fun with it.